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The Law Offices of William E. Johnson, P.A. handles all types of personal injury cases, and serves Palm Beach County, Broward County, Dade County and the surrounding areas. If you have been injured due to the negligence or the wrongful act of another, which can occur through negligence, abuse and other means, please contact our personal injury firm for a free case evaluation.

William E. Johnson, a Palm Beach injury lawyer, is dedicated to allowing victims who have suffered harm, or who have lost their lives, to receive compensation and other relief from wrong doers. Personal injury law is also commonly referred to as tort law. Personal injury law allows victims to recover damages in a wide range of situations, where one or more parties are responsible for the harm done. This includes cases based on the five large branches of personal injury law: negligence, malpractice, intentional torts, products liability, and strict liability.

Courts in personal injury cases can generally provide three types of relief: compensatory damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief.

Compensatory damages are the default type of damage for a large proportion of cases. Compensatory damages are monetary payments designed to directly pay for the harm incurred by the victim. These damages includes, if applicable, money for medical expenses, lost wages for the past and future, loss of companionship, loss of property, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment.

Punitive damages are designed to punish a wrongdoer for behavior that is very egregious and reprehensible. These damages are typically worth much more than compensatory damages because they are based on an individual or entity’s resources. However, section 768.73 of the Florida Statutes limits the total amount of some punitive damage awards.

Injunctive relief
, by contrast to compensatory or punitive damages, is not monetary. Injunctive relief is when a court directs a person or entity to do something or refrain from doing something. For example, a restraining order, or an injunction to stop selling a particular product is an example of injunctive relief.

If you or your loved one has been injured because of a wrongdoer call the Palm Beach injury lawyer at the Law Offices of William E. Johnson, P.A.

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  • Truck Accidents

  • Store Accidents

  • Product Liability Injuries

  • Equipment and Device Accidents

  • Motorcycle Accidents

  • Unsafe Toys

  • Wrongful Death

  • Elevator/Escalator Accidents

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Brain Injury

  • Premises Liability

  • Birth Injuries

  • Aviation Accidents

  • Pedestrian Accidents

  • Serious Scarring

  • Construction Accidents & Injuries

  • Hotel Liability

  • Hit and Run Car Accidents

  • Pharmaceutical Malpractice

  • DUI and DWI Accidents

  • Swimming Accidents – Drowning

  • Railroad Accidents

  • Car Accidents

William E. Johnson is a preeminent Palm Beach trial lawyer with an established practice in West Palm Beach to serve clients in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death. With offices based in the heart of West Palm Beach, Mr. Johnson serves those whose lives have been affected by personal injury or wrongful death throughout the state of Florida.

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